By Ananth Balakrishnan

NOTE: Before using calculator, open a blank spreadsheet in Excel, go to Tools > Macros > Security and set the security level to Medium. Then close the spreadsheet and open calculator.

A calculator which can do the four basic functions, square most number, find factorials, square root, and do x to the power of y. It also has a keypad (though the 'Number Stored as Text' error occurs when using it and this must be corrected - also i tried makng a button to correct this but it wouldn't work)
Made using macros.
There is also a simple series generator on Sheet2. It can generate the first 30 terms of linear sequences, and can handle sequences with one index in their equation.
Hope you like it.

Update v2:
Added graph plotter. It plots the graph of the series you created using the series generator.

This calculator was made by ME, ANANTH, and i'll kill you if you edit it