Ratio is slightly different to fractions, for example, fractions give the amount of one thing out of a bigger thing, while ratio compares the amount of the 2 different objects, if you get what I mean, if not read this:

There are 10 people, 3 like mars bars, 4 like dairy milk, 2 like crunchies and 1 of them likes snickers.

The fraction of people that like mars bars is external image gif.latex?%5Cinline%20%5Cfrac%7B3%7D%7B10%7D

While the ratio of mars to dairy milk is 3:4

The numbers MUST be in order in comparison to the data, for example, for the question above, the ratio of crunchies to snickers is 2:1
This means there are TWICE as many crunchies than snickers.

  1. There are 15 girls and 12 boys in a class. What is the ratio of girls to boys?(Remember to put your answer as GIRLS:BOYS)
  2. A newspaper includes 12 pages of sport and 8 pages of TV. What is the ratio of sport to TV? Give your answer in its simplest form. (Simplifying in ratios is THE SAME as fractions)

  1. 15:12
  2. 12:8(simplified)=3:2

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