A triangle is any 3 sided, 3 angled, two-dimensional shape that has straight lines (apart from those fancy congruent triangles which have curves of constant width). The interior angles of EVERY triangle ALWAYS add up to 180 degrees.

Name of Triangle.
What makes it that triangle???
Right-Angle Triangles
  • One angle is equal to 90 degrees
external image File-Triangle.Right.svg.png
Equilateral Triangles.
  • All sides are equal in length.
  • All angles are 60 degrees.
external image File-Triangle.Equilateral.svg.png
Isosceles Triangle
  • Two sides are equal in length.
  • Two angles are equal in size.
external image File-Triangle.Isosceles.svg.png
Scalene Triangle
  • Does not have ANY equal angles or sides.
external image File-Triangle.Scalene.svg.png
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